IGAD LPI team confers with the Kenyan National Statistics Bureau

IGAD LPI team confers with the Kenyan National Statistics Bureau

An IGAD LPI meeting with officials and experts from the Kenyan National Bureau of Statistics focuses on the importance of employing and sharing evidence-based data and information to enhance the profile of livestock at the national budgetary systems. Explaining the ongoing efforts of IGAD LPI to have the livestock sector receive better representation in the national planning and accounts in all IGAD member states, Dr Abdi Jama stressed the need to further promote the culture and the practice of livestock information sharing across government, and the role of NGOs, CBOs and international organizations in helping help policy makers realise the potential of livestock for economic development and poverty eradication.

Mr Patrick M. Mwaniki, a senior manager for agriculture and livestock sector statistics at KNBS, mentioned that the technical committee of his unit is keen to work with IGAD LPI in sharing livestock related data and information and looks forward to exploring the level of representation of the livestock sector in the national accounts. 

The IGAD LPI team had also paid a courtesy visit H.E. Aden Bare Duale, Assistant Minister of Livestock Development along the Kenyan country team members to update him on project activities and achievement.


The PS of Kenya, Mr-Lusaka, speaking to IGAD LPI taem

The PS of Kenya, Mr Kenneth Lusaka, speaking to IGAD LPI taem in his office in Nairobi

IGAD LPI team met H.E. Kenneth M. Lusaka, the Permanent Secretary of the Kenyan Ministry of Livestock Development, on July 8th, 2010 and discussed ways through which the Policy Forum and the Information Node, which were created by the Project, could be fully and sustainably integrated within government structures. Dr Abdi Jama, Livestock Information Advisor of IGAD LPI, briefed H.E. Lusaka on the critical importance of sustainability of the policy hub and the information node in Kenya to formulate and implement pro-poor policies as well as getting the livestock agenda fully promoted in the Kenyan National Development Planning. He also briefed the permanent secretary of the upcoming study on the contribution of livestock to the Kenyan national GDP, which would be undertaken soon by an international consultant in collaboration with national experts at the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics. Commending what has been so far achieved by IGAD LPI, H.E. Kenneth M. Lusaka underscored the fact that even though livestock plays an important role in the national GDP, its profile still needs to be raised in order to keep the sector develop further to bring about a positive change in the lives of the poor livestock keepers in Kenya and across other IGAD member states. He said his Ministry would look into ways to strengthen the institutionalization processes of IGAD LPI programmes with the support of the Kenyan country national team. He further noted that the GDP study would be one significant input for their national accounts and his Ministry would be pleased to support the consultant in every way.