September 2011

Uganda PH with PS

Uganda Policy Hub members confer with H.E. Vincent R. Rubarema, Permanent Secretary to MAAIF

In its meeting from August 23 to 25, 2011 in Kampala, the Ugandan Policy Hub elected to take rapid measures to ensure continuity and sustainability of their Policy Hub and Information Node after IGAD LPI ends in February 2012.

Representatives of the Policy Hub presented their case for sustainability, continued support and funding to H.E. Vincent R. Rubarema, Permanent Secretary to the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries (MAAIF). While stressing that the mandates and principles of the Policy Hub should be fully aligned with the Development Strategy and Investment Plan (DSIP) of the ministry, he confirmed that the Ministry is willing to continue support to the Policy Hub and the National Information Node, irrespective of whether or not the Policy Hub ultimately decides to operate independently of the government.  The IGAD LPI team also briefed the Permanent Secretary on the on-going lesson learning activities in IGAD Member States which are expected to culminate in an IGAD ministerial meeting in December 2011.  The team highlighted the key lessons learnt from the project, which include the need for a broadening of national policies from their current focus on production and marketing to a more pro-poor agenda which recognizes the various roles that livestock play as a tool of poverty alleviation.


IGAD LPI warmly congratulates the following prominent members of its country teams on their promotions to key government positions:

MoussaIGAD LPI’s Facilitator for Djibouti, Mr Mohammed Moussa Ibrahim became Minister of Transport and Equipment as of May 2011. He used to be in the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and the Sea as Director for Agriculture and Forestry and as Advisor for Water Resources.

KamalIGAD LPI’s Steering Committee Member for the Sudan, Dr Kamal Tagelsir Elsheikh has been promoted to General Director of Livestock Economics and Planning at the Ministry of Animal Resources and Fisheries (MARF) from July 2011. He was Director of International Relations at the Ministry.

AmmarIGAD LPI’s National Technical Focal Person (NTFP) for the Sudan, Dr Ammar Sheik Idris Omar, who was Head of the Investment Section at MARF, has now taken over the post of Director for International Relations starting July 2011.

BarkatIGAD LPI’s NTFP for Djibouti, Mr Abdallah Barkat Ibrahim has also been promoted to Director of the Professional Training Centre. He was Chief of Livestock Services at the Department of Livestock and Veterinary Services in the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and the Sea.

Wishing them all success in their new posts, we hope they will take the lessons they have learned through IGAD LPI with them, continuing to further the agenda of poor women and men livestock keepers at national and regional levels.