A workshop on “Livelihoods, Gender & Livestock” equips the African Union – Interafrican Bureau for Animal Resources (AU-IBAR) to address the livelihoods needs of poor men and women.

The workshop, conducted from 26 to 27 May, 2010 in Nairobi, was given to AU-IBAR as part of IGAD LPI’s programme of building capacity to support the livelihoods of poor men and women. The workshop highlighted the role of policies and institutions in shaping the livelihoods strategies of poor livestock keepers, particularly poor women.

Speaking on the workshop, Dr Dil Peeling, Chief Technical Advisor of IGAD LPI, said the workshop was timely since AU-IBAR has just embarked on the implementation phase of its new strategic plan (2010-2014) which now wholly focuses the organisation on the reduction of poverty and hunger, through cooperation with Africa’s Regional Economic Communities. “IGAD LPI’s purpose and AU-IBAR’s vision are now very closely aligned” said Dr. Peeling. “After nearly 5 years of operating in the same field, our conclusion is that we can only use livestock to reduce poverty if we look at how poor men and women actually use livestock to get themselves out of poverty. We therefore wanted to share our experiences with AU-IBAR though this workshop. “The workshop’s messages can be challenging to those who have always seen livestock’s value as being purely in terms of production and international trade” he added “but the AU-IBAR participants had no problem taking on board our analysis, and then enriching it from their own experiences.”

Photo: IGAD LPI Gender Consultant, Sehin Teferra, facilitating the workshop